How can government leaders effectively uplift their community during a global health crisis?

Fred Glynn
2 min readJun 30, 2020

Leading in the time of a pandemic is no easy task. When the safety of everyone is at stake, those in position must be the first to provide aid and solutions for their community. For Fred Glynn, a councilman and past president at the Hamilton County Council, the good of the people must always come first. Here are some ways government leaders can uplift the people they influence during a global health crisis

Lead by example

During this time, citizens are looking up to their leaders for the next steps. Even if the situation seems to be unclear, and there are no concrete plans set, authority figures can lead by example by showing the right response. Being too optimistic might encourage apathy while being fatalistic might bring panic among the public. Approaching a difficult situation with tact clarity will most likely encourage citizens to follow what the government is asking them to do.

Confront the threat

Of course, this doesn’t mean doing risky steps that could cause more harm than good. Confronting a threat means taking action before it becomes a bigger issue. In the case of climate change, this means advocating for environment-friendly options and establishing an emergency plan in case of natural disasters. When facing health and safety threats, this could mean enforcing rules that will protect the majority, maximizing the capacity of hospitals, and deploying rescue teams.

Involve citizens in carrying out solutions

Fred Glynn believes that many citizens have insights that can truly benefit the community. This is why, in times of crisis, involving citizens in enacting the plans will lead to better communication and implementation. Transparency between leaders and citizens will result in accurate reporting and more lives saved in the process.

Fred Glynn is currently serving as a councilman at Hamilton County, Indiana. As a fiscal conservative, he advocates for lower government spending. Visit this page for more on Councilman Glynn.



Fred Glynn

Fred Glynn is a councilman and past president at the Hamilton County Council. Based in Carmel, Indiana, he is a fiscal conservative who uses his business and fi