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Fred Glynn
2 min readApr 27, 2021
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As a local public servant, Fred Glynn believes that throughout the ups and downs, Hamilton County has done quite well enough to survive the challenges that have come its way over time. In this part of Indiana, people in public service are truly passionate about what they do, and they are aptly recognized for their years of service.

Every year, the Board of Commissioners and the Human Resources Department of Hamilton County make it a point to recognize individuals who have been in public service. This recognition is given to each employee in the county every 5 years in their tenure. With the many individuals who continue to serve the county, it’s a certainty that a number of people will get called to be recognized in a simple ceremony each year, shares Fred Glynn.

This year alone, the list is quite long, with a total of 131 employees being recognized for their years of service to the good citizens of Hamilton County, in an affair that the community eagerly looks forward to on an annual basis.

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Human Resources Director Sheena Randall was quick to point out that the collective goal of all public servants in the county is to give the citizens and the tax payers the most responsive governmental services that they can give. In order to achieve this, the county needs to take in only the most competent and dedicated individuals in the community.

These people deserve to be given meaningful work that they enjoy doing, so that they have enough reason to stay on and belong. Having said that, their being recognized for their long years of service in this season’s ceremonies comes as no surprise at all.

Local Hamilton CouncilmanFred Glynn graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a bachelor’s degree in aviation business. He takes pride in serving the people in his county. For more related reading, visit this page.



Fred Glynn

Fred Glynn is a councilman and past president at the Hamilton County Council. Based in Carmel, Indiana, he is a fiscal conservative who uses his business and fi